Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust . . .

I finished the Musket Miniatures French Bakery over the week.  This house had been languishing for quite a while but I am on a construction roll here so I put in the effort and finished it off.  It still needs the matte coat, but it is essentially finished.  I added a couple of signs to the outside walls as they looked a little bare.  This house took a long time to finish, so long that I had forgotten what color I had used to paint the outside walls.  When I applied a number of hues that weren't correct it set me back until I finally found the right one.  Still it is done and will occupy space. 
My other less than successful houses were removed from their Simple Green bath and scrubbed again with something labeled "Barkeepers Friend."  Frau PanzerCDR says this may do better at removing resin model mold anti-adhesion material.  We'll see. 
Your standard Musket Miniature French Bakery.  Nothing fancy here, though the croissants smell nice. 

Another view.  I added the signs to break up the otherwise drab exterior. 
The rear view.  Lots of windows to shoot out on or through. 

Several Musket Miniatures houses all in a row, which is how they'll be displayed in Villers Bocage central.

(L-R) A Musket Miniatures row house, a Battlefront house and the Musket Miniatures Bakery.  They all fit together pretty well. 
Inside the Bakery: four medium stands of FV infantry will fit with ease. 

"Where is Herr Wittman?  We are ready to attack!"

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