Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two Down, Four to Go!

First the good news:  I have finished off two more of the Musket Miniatures French Row houses for my ever expanding Villers-Bocage scenario.  They still need a matte coat but I may wait for the temperature to rise a bit.  I still have four to go but I am getting VERY close to completion.  I can smell the scent of victory in the air!  Of course, that might just be primer. . . 
The front view of the house.  I have different shutter colors to tell them apart. 

The rear view. 
A disassembled house.  Each has three levels and a detachable roof which gives the greatest possible troop density if you are conducting a large scale urban fight. 

Each level can easily hold two medium size stands. 
Battlefront house on the left and the Musket Miniature house on the right.  I paint the walls white so that the stands inside stand out more. 

Here are two similar German infantry stands in the houses.  I think the stand in the right house is easier to see.  The somewhat garish floor helps in this respect. 

L-R Battlefront house and my recent additions.  Dimensionally and color-wise the results are similar. 

L-R Battlefront, my 2 Musket Miniatures house, and then Crescent Root houses.  I think the last are the most visually appealing, the Musket Miniature homes the most useful for massing troops and most detailed, and the Battlefront a nice balancing between the two. 
And now for the bad news: the primer on tow of the remaining houses started flaking off in the middle of their first coat of paint.  I am not sure if this is a function of the lower than normal temperature in the basement when I primed them or the non-stick coating really working but the end result is a fair amount of frustration on my part.  Luckily I know a fair number of useful vocabulary words to assuage my irritation.  Some of them are even German!        

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