Saturday, February 2, 2013

Templecon 2013

I drove over to the Templecon convention today to see the FOW Tournament and of course shop at the Battlefront vending area.  The tournament looked really neat with lots of well painted interesting armies and great terrain provided by Battlefront.  While I did not play myself, I snapped a couple of shots at some of the more interesting (well, to me anyway . . . ) armies and terrain.
A LW German Panzer brigade with lots of Panthers.

More LW Panthers.

British Armored group with British Para support. 

A "standard" tournament table. 

And another.  I liked the hills here. 

A crucial crossroads in the Ardennes complete with snow.

A snow themed German Army. 
LW Panzer IV/70s take casualties but eventually prevail. 

LW British recce finds RT Panthers too much to handle. 

Soviet infantry proves quantity has a quality all of its own. 
I also enjoyed speaking with the Battlefront crew in their vending area.  Given my previous purchases I didn't need much (well, nothing really . . .) but I did get another Challenger for my son's British Armored force.  Not like he needs a cheese weapon to win anyway . . .
Back to painting houses!

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The Kiwi said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. Always good to see pics like these.