Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

The image below is NOT a good sign:

Better living through chemistry.  Where is the MSDS sheet?

I think a combination of colder than normal weather while priming and insufficient cleaning of the resin models resulted in the primer flaking off my LAST three Musket Miniature houses.  As such I am starting (again) from the beginning following a lengthy bath in simple green for the models.  This is not good, though not a killer.  The "L" shaped house here was the most important as it anchored an intersection.  Still, I hate having to go back to the start and do it again.  Sigh.

The latest house flanked by free stuff from Battlefront's house subscription.  You can't beat free.
On the other hand, the latest house and the walls and outer buildings showed up in the mailbox on Friday.  This should help fill the space as well as absorb HE as required.  Given the upcoming housing density I am thinking that my German Grilles will be especially effective as bunker busters in any non-Villers Bocage scenario, as well as just looking really neat. 

German Grilles support the defense of a French town of vital importance to the stability of the front.  A 15 cm gun barrage is good at persuading the Tommies to attack some other place.

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