Sunday, July 11, 2010

Point 213

Just a few pictures from a rousing skrmish just west of Caen where the Hun demolished the spearpoint of the 4th CLY. It looks like the 4th CLY is attempting to replace the 13/18th Hussars as the least impressive armoured unit in the 21st Army Group.

Lovely Point 213 on the road to Caen. Looks deserted to me . . .

Command elements of the 4th CLY stop for tea and biscuits and commander's intent.

Lord Cranley wants to know where the bloody hell are the Germans?

Here they come!

And two more!

The first Cromwell buys the farm.

A Cromwell kills a Tiger with a valiant side shot, earning the commander a mention in the dispatches.

Confusion reigns as the tankers mount up to face the hun. What a senseless loss of tea!

A bogged down Cromwell is mincemeat for a hungry Tiger.

More Cromwells burn.

Make that a POSTHUMOUS mention in the dispatches . . .

The last Cromwell burns and Lord Cranley is not happy. Herr Wittman will be proud!