Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A few stray stands . . .

In an attempt to round up 1500 points of 17th SS Panzergrenadier troops to make up a suitable force to retake Carenten, I painted up a couple of 81mm mortar stands, a command stand and a forward observer stand.  This will allow me to break off the other two 81mm mortar stands from the heavy platoon and make up a separate 81mm mortar platoon.  This will get me closer to the desired 1500 points, though I will still have to throw in a Heer nebelwerfer half battery and perhaps some ost-truppen to round out the force.  Perhaps I should even make a falschrimjager platoon to lead the way, or at least soak up incoming rounds.  Though the ost-truppen is pretty good at that too. 

Command stand - this time the NCO is pointing the correct way!

I used the summer oak leaf pattern for all of the stands.  I wanted to do these as rapidly as possible, which for me is not that rapid. 

FO stand looks out over a bush.  Flocking works wonders for your stands. 

The FO stand looking ahead. 
Another 81mm mortar stand.  I need something to pin the FV of the 101st. 
Flocking covers many minor painting transgressions on the boots of your miniatures.  Trust me on this one. 
I also did this HMG stand to test out just how miserable it would be to do.  I glued the castings together on the stand prior to priming and painting as I thought trying to glue them together after painting would be too miserable.  It was miserable even still, but much less than I expected.  The figures are slightly off center on the base, which meant a nice sized piece of lichen to even it out. 
Another view.  At least this HMG team doesn't have an NCO pointing the wrong way. 

The rear view.  From three feet away it looks fine.  Really!
On to Carenten!  Before the @#$#@! Luftwaffe runs away!