Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two Down, One to Go!

OK, so I finished the LAST TWO Musket Miniature French Row Houses.  This is a good thing as now I only have the ONE Musket Miniature L-shaped French Cafe to finish.  It will be the LAST house to paint in order to run the Villers Bocage scenario.  I could probably run it without this structure, but its shape makes it really helpful for an intersection.  Since it is the LAST house to paint, I need to be somewhat careful not to rush it just to be finished with the project, but my nominal utilitarian painting methods should be sufficient. 

Front of the LAST two French Row Houses.  I painted the shutters a different color to distinguish them. 

Rear view on the left and front view on the right.
For comparison purposes, a Battlefront house on the far left, and then two Musket Miniature Row Houses. 

A row of Row Houses.  Architecturally these aren't Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Two medium bases fit with ease on each of the three levels.

The attic is always a good spot for the platoon commander.
The LAST house on the paint table.  Yes, there is an end point in sight!

FV SS Panzergrenadiers from the heavy platoon wait for their turn. 
Just to add to the lead pile, I also got a box of the latest Volksgrenadiers from Battlefront.  You can never have too many Germans of course, and the poses are pretty good though I am not envisioning a LW snow themed force.  Yet. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

If some primer is good, some more must be better . . .

     After a LONG soak in Simple Green followed by all sorts of chemical and physical attack to remove the offending flaking  primer, I have subjected the offending houses to a new and improved layer of primer.  I am using a Rustoleum product that is supposed to stick better to plastics so I am hopeful.  All portions of the houses have received a good coating (and then some) of the primer, so much that I was initially concerned with obscuring some of the detail.  This appears to be an unnecessary worry, as the primer isn't that thick and they are only houses.  Plus, better is definitely the enemy of good enough here. I want these to be finished in the worst of ways, which I need to guard against as I don't want the results to be the worst ever.  A greater concern is the lack of ventilation in the corner of the PanzerCDR fuhrer bunker that I use for painting/priming.  The smell of primer may be that of victory, but without a gas mask it should be avoided.  Anyway, I should be able to start the first coat in a day or so when the primer is fully dry and my lungs have recovered from the ordeal.  Frau PanzerCDR will also be happier.  
The offending components with a lot of new primer on them.

Precise temperature monitoring is the key to the proper adhesion of the primer. 

A high-tech heat lamp keeps the process going.