Sunday, August 6, 2017

Great Finds!

     I was cleaning and reorganizing the command bunker the past two weekends because things had gotten a bit out of control.  I found that even walking around the gaming table was hazardous to my health, and that a good purge/spring cleaning was in order.  I am not completely finished, but I have made yeoman's progress.  In the conduct of cleaning out old stuff for reorganization/repurposing/recycling, I came across a number of pretty neat things I had forgotten about or hadn't been able to find for years.  The easiest find was an old Pegasus bridge that I had purchased a number of years ago, placed on a shelf and immediately forgot about.  All the parts are there, so it seems a new SWORD Beach scenario is in the works.  Mme  GondrĂ©e
would be happy.
When/where did I get this?  

Not an overly complex kit, which is to my liking!
A more important find was a number of landing craft from Old Glory's Command Decision line.  They had a really good sale a long time ago (a decade?  perhaps . . . ) and I bought up 5 LCMs and 3 LCVPs.  After arrival they languished on a shelf and got put in another box on another shelf and . . .  well, you get the picture.  These also look like easy models to assemble and paint.  They should provide sufficient lift for any amphibious invasion.

Almost like Christmas!  I hope I have some battleship gray paint . . . 
My greatest find was another purchase from perhaps a decade (+) ago.  Brookhurst Hobby was having a sale to get rid of their SDD stock and I purchased the last two (2!) LCTs that they had.  Like many a project that sits on the shelf, I had lost interest and then track of these models.  When I tried to find them a while back I failed to locate them.  Subsequent attempts were also negative.  As such, they are somewhat my prodigal LCTs.  These also appear to be easy models to assemble, and since there are limited choices for LCTs in 15mm, they look quite nice.  I think SDD is out of business now so the last two (!) LCTs was quite a steal.  Because you know that the last one is the best one!  Let alone the last 2!

What the heck was in this box?  Could it be . . . a long lost LST?

Even better it was two of them!

I am somewhat surprised no one else picked up the molds for these.

This should be a nice transport for the 13/18th Hussars, at least the ones that aren't DD tanks.  

While getting new, shiny stuff is always fun, finding old, used to be shiny stuff is pretty good too.  Especially if you find it in the process of cleaning up the gaming area.  The area is no longer rough terrain, so that is a clear benefit to all players.  What else is out there?  Stay tuned.