Thursday, April 11, 2013


FINISHED!!!! I FINALLY finished the last of the Musket Miniature buildings to do the Villers Bocage Scenario.  This was a LONG time in the process, but it is done at last.  I now have all the buildings and forces painted I need to run the scenario.  I think I have enough roads to do this, but I won't really know until I set up the town later this week.  It should look pretty neat. 
Only a few weeks ago a pile of unpainted Musket Miniature resin mocked the author.  Don't ask about the fountain or courtyard. . .
The Musket Miniature French Cafe head on.  It looks rather non-descript.  I painted the shutters white to go with the other row houses. 

Side view of the cafe.  No Germans allowed. 

The other side view. 

The cafe from the rear.  Looks like some new wall coating is needed. 

The French cafe abutted with the French bakery, both by Musket Miniatures.  Lots of room for SS Panzergrenadiers with panzerfausts or Tommies with PIATs. 

The French cafe with two Battlefront houses on either side.  The houses look well together. 
The top floor has lots of room.  I used the standard white walls.  An SS sniper shows up well.

Three medium stands fit in the bottom floor. 
The top floor is a bit more cramped.  Two medium and one small stand fit here. 
On to Villers Bocage!  Even with the RV Desert Rats. 

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