Saturday, April 13, 2013

Villers-Bocage in Miniature

OK, I couldn't wait and I set up the houses for the Battlefront Villers-Bocage scenario.  It doesn't look exactly like it did the last time I tried this with unpainted resin, but it is pretty close.  I think I have enough houses to be sure.  The recent deluge of Battlefront houses certainly fill up a large swath of the town and are a welcome addition.  I didn't put all of the houses down as I didn't need them all for this portion.  I also put the objectives down as well.  I looks like I might need a couple of additional segments of cobblestone road, though I may just make some different types as I am not entirely happy with the ones I have.  I certainly have enough to play this in my basement though, and after all these years, that's saying something. 
The road network.  I have JR Miniature cobblestone houses for most of the roads though a couple of large squares filling the foreground. 

Halfway through the setup.  Where does each go to look the best and fit in with the others? 

Looking down the main road.  The width looks pretty narrow.  I may have to move the houses out a bit to fit two Tigers abreast. 

This is a LOT of houses.  The Battlefront houses fill the southern streets.  I put down some of the house additions Battlefront sent out with the subscription.  The first and second house subscription colors are NOT exactly the same.  Neither are real houses in modern subdivisions so I don't see this as a big issue. 

Looking up the street.  These are Miniature Building Authority houses.  I don't expect to do much fighting here. 

Villers-Bocage from the other direction. 

Most of the houses on the right are Musket Miniatures which I do like the best. 
The Battlefront houses mesh well with the all of the others.

Another view.  It does look pretty neat!

A little bit of greenery including the ubiquitous hedgerows. 

The view from the corner. 

The first Objective: A Close Support Cromwell that was in the wrong place at the wrong time during Oberststurmfufuhrer Wittmam's first attack. 

Another Objective in the British sector.

The last Objective: Wittman's abandoned Tiger. 

A last look for now. 
It was fun setting it up.  Now to assemble the forces and have a go.  Sanity checks for later. 


Sam Thomas said...

Looks great! What is the church sitting on? Im looking for something similar. Please email me at thanks, Sam

Scott said...

Wow, thats a serious amount of houses!

PanzerCDR said...

Serious? An insane amount perhaps . . . ;) Thanks.

PanzerCDR said...


The mats are from JR Miniatures. Unfortunately, with the change of ownership, the mats are not readily available. You may be able to call around and find some. I got these from "Miniatures of Cheasapeake" so they might have a couple left in stock.

Sam Thomas said...

Thanks for the info, and great job on the table, it looks great. Looking forward to seeing more.

Ken Franklin said...

Excellent layout!