Sunday, April 14, 2013

German Forces at Villers-Bocage, Part 1: Panzer Lehr Division

Not to let the terrain set up go to waste, I thought I would take pictures of each of the forces that will duke it out in the near future (June, actually).  First up are the elements of the Panzer Lehr Division.  The scenario lists 5. Kompanie of the 130. Panzerregiment with a Company HQ with 2 Panzer Mk IV H tanks, and 3 Panzer zugs with 3 Panzer Mk IV H tanks apiece.  I painted 4 tanks per platoon as I wanted a more generic panzer force for other battles, but I will only use three tanks per zug when I run the scenario.  That's still a lot of tanks as you can see.  The tanks are painted in my attempt for the LW German camouflage with varying results. 

German Panzers assemble showing little fear of any strike by the RAF.

The Company HQ.

1st Zug.

Another shot of the HQ.

2nd zug.

3rd zug. 

Overhead shot of zug number 3.
The other zug from Panzer Lehr is the Motorized Scout Platoon from II/130. Aufklarungzug.  This is at full strength with an HQ Motorcycle and Sidecar MG stand, and three other Motorcycle and Sidecar MG stands.  These are all reconnaissance stands though I don't think they will be able to do much reconnaissance in the crowded streets of Villers-Bocage.  The infantry stands may be more viable, though the casting for the Panzer Lehr infantry are among Battlefront's worst.  This is a shame as the Panzer Lehr Division is one of the more iconic units of the LW Western Front.  Anyway, you can do a lot with foliage on the bases.  The HQ doesn't have a panzerfaust in the scenario, though I modeled it with one as the pose is neat, even with the Frankenstein sized digits on the hand. 
Recce motorcycles search for hidden British AT guns.

Side shot of the platoon roaring past Wittman's ex-Tiger.

Another view.  Recon is going to be hard here.  I wonder if just using them as infantry might be better. 

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If some base foliage is good, some more must be better!

The Command stand with the panzerfaust is neat. 

An overhead shot of the full platoon.  I don't think these guys will survive long in this scenario. 
Next up is the 1. Kompanie, 101. schwere SS Panzer Abteilung.  Stay tuned. 

This is why I worry about flaming panzers causing immense traffic jams by turn 2 . . .
ALL of the Panzer Lehr units amongst ALL of the houses.  Phew!


The Kiwi said...

What an awesome table. Great army as well.

PanzerCDR said...

Thanks. Lots of work by myself and son went into this. It should be quite a sight when we FINALLY get to play.

Cameron said...

I love that picture of the Panzers along the road. That will definitely become a bottleneck in the game. Hahaha.

It's really cool that you and your son are working on this project together. It should be quite a spectacle when it is finished.