Saturday, June 10, 2017


I love military acronyms!  Just writing LW BOTB 88 mm ATG is a joy, much more so than actually having to type "Late War Battle of the Bulge 88 mm Anti-Tank Gun."  Since I send pictures to a few willing acolytes who are always ready to pump up my self esteem with accolades, I have had more than a few opportunities to write this.  LW BOTB!  It brings joy to my heart.

In other news, I finally finished the LW BOTB 88 mm ATG (there, I wrote it again!) after more than a few months.  I wanted to do it to look like the piece that is banging away at the FV in Easy Company at Foy in the "Band of Brothers" miniseries.  I couldn't get a good view of the markings/color/camouflage despite numerous viewings on YouTube.  So, I went through the collection of books I have only to be disappointed.  Not to be deterred, I searched on the internet and eventually came up with this picture:

A REAL LW BOTB 88mm ATG.  The camouflage looks unique.  The gunners look cold and hungry.  

The camouflage is a bit unique, but good enough.  I used the standard Battlefront GE550 blister for the gun and used most of the crew, though I added/altered a couple of the crew and used a few of the LW Winter artillery crew to round off the stand.  Version 4 came out in the middle of this, but I based the gun using Version 3 criteria.  I placed a rare earth magnet in the stand so I can rotate the gun (a little) until the figures get in the way.  The base of the gun sank a little lower in the flock than usual, but I will just say the snow was a little deep in that position.  

An eight man crew for an 88 mm flak piece.  

I used arid grass and snow flock for the base.  I think it looks better than just deep snow.

The gun crew looks a little scruffier than the elite Panzergrenadiers.  Unfortunately you can't get 88s as support forces in V3 for a Volksgrenadier force.  Nuts!

The haystacks are from a Miniature Building Authority sale that took place as I was painting the gun.  

I can rotate and elevate the gun (a little).  Since I envision it more as an antitank gun than an antiaircraft gun, this is OK.  
OK, so now that the LW BOTB 88 mm ATG is done, I can showcase the hetzers.

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