Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Late War Battle of the Bulge (LW BOTB) Germans

I finished off a couple of units for my current Ardennes Offensive fling.  I had painted up two platoons of Panzergrenadiers and wanted to have an assault rifle platoon to mix and match if I wanted to run a Volksgrenadier force instead.  So, I started off with the 4 assault rifle stands and the platoon commander, eventually following it up with the two other MG stands to make a complete platoon.  These turned out pretty nice and made me wonder if I should instead shift to a Volksgrenadier force instead of a Panzergrenadier themed one.  Since my ability to focus and stay on target is limited in the early stages of senility, I decided not to decide.  The Battlefront LW winter German infantry are very nice.  I use mostly Vallejo paints for these stands.  The new Battlefront paint is OK but I have a lot of Vallejo and don't see a need to change these out (though the new Battlefront black is a better mixture as it flows better in my opinion).

A new VG assault rifle platoon!  The trees need work though . . .

Assault rifles and panzerfausts!  It doesn't get much better than this.

I use a diluted GW Devlin Mud ink wash on the uniforms.  I try not to do the white helmets as I like them to stick out.

The platoon commander motivates his RT VGs.

MG 42 adds some long range firepower to the platoon.

The full platoon. 

A panzerschrek team adds longer range antitank capability. 

I used tufts of flock and some arid grass for the bases, and after that dried I added the snow flock.  I think it turned out well, perhaps even better than the full snow drifts that the Panzergrenadiers have.  Note the one white helmet that DID get ink washed.  Live and learn . . .

In the meantime I also finished up a LW BOTB 12 cm heavy mortar platoon to provide support for either force.  I really like this weapon as it looks really neat and was pretty effective.  Since my platoons are usually fighting Fearless Veterans and the Volksgrenadiers may be Reluctant Trained, I wanted as much fire support as possible.  However, the current Battlefront 12 cm mortar blister for the normal Wehrmacht was sculpted and cast in the less than halcyon days of old and the figures and sculpts are not very good (this is a kind way to say I think they are horrible).  Subsequent attempts for the SS and Falschrimjagers are much better.  So, having acquired an extra SS blister, I used one of the SS figures (the one holding the mortar bomb) and used other LW winter artillery and antitank gun crew members to round out the mortar team.  Since the SS guy was painted in winter camouflage, you have to look carefully to see he really isn't wearing the "normal" LW German winter gear.  This is tolerable to my poor eyes. 

I really haven't seen a 12 cm heavy mortar platoon used in various battle reports so this might be a first.  Probably not though.

The casting with the binoculars is an SS figure but he looks OK in winter camouflage.

The regular observer team.

Every platoon needs a commander.

The other side of the stand.

These are pretty big mortars.  I used winter grass for these bases with the light snow flocking. 

The snow is there but not in blizzard strength yet.

Ready to fire on the Americans!

Various views . . .

The figure holding the mortar bomb is the SS casting.  He looks OK in winter camouflage.

The full platoon.

I also finished up a couple of BOTB objectives that had been languishing on the painting table for awhile.  As always, a simple paint job, a small amount of dry brushing, some ink washing and a lot of flock make for a compelling objective.  Or a flaming roadblock. 

The fuel depot got the arid flock.  POL kills grass.

K-rations or ammo?

The ammo boxes got the winter flock. 

I think this is the first thing I have painted Olive Drab in years!
What's next?  I am working on a LW BOTB 88 mm gun for antitank purposes.  I have the crew done (almost) but the gun needs a lot of additional attention.  Then, I could do the last Panzergrenadier platoon for a full company, or finish off the hetzers I started (I need to learn how to use my air brush!) or a 10.5 cm towed howitzer battery, or maybe some pioneers . . . 

Ready to defend Foy!

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