Saturday, June 10, 2017

LW BOTB Hetzers!

     One problem in creating a less than elite force in Version 3 is that the various options really don't fill up the point spread very fast.  Or even well.  So, if you rally want to create a force based on the 18th Volksgrenadier Division in the Battle of the Bulge, you area going to have some challenges.  As a RT force, getting up to 1500 points is not easy.  One way to do this is to take every single high priced support unit you can, making up for the fact that even taking every infantry force and add on in the Combat Platoons is a mere 610 points.  I am trying to make this an artillery heavy force, as the worse your infantry is, the more artillery you need, and the volksgrenadiers need as much indirect fire as they can get.  A tank-hunter platoon is another way to add on points, as even a RT Hetzer platoon is 235 points.  I picked these up in a sale at a hobby shop and was not immediately taken in by them.  The Hetzer is not my favorite LW German armored vehicle.  It is small, underpowered, under armored, and not very exciting compared to other LW staples such as Tigers and Panthers, and my workhorse Panzer Mk IVs.  None the less, they do seem to be the tank hunter of record for the VGs in the Bulge, so I pulled out the box and had a crack at them.  I also got to use my air brush for the first time, and attempt the German camouflage that is so enticing.  Everyone says that there is a steep learning curve on airbrush use.  I have not approached the asymptote yet . . .   Otherwise, they turned out well enough, and should be able to help root out the frozen defenders of St. Vith or Bastogne when called to the next game.

A Volksgrenadier Sturm platoon and a Hetzer Tank-Hunter platoon move up to attack the American defenders.  

The Hetzer camouflage is supposed to be green back drop areas with brown inner core circles.  I did the opposite.  Oops!  Don't tell the unteroffizier!

I really don't expect any RT platoons to last very long.
The jabos view before they bomb them to pieces.

The Hetzers are small and pretty easy to paint.  Not too much junk on the hulls.

The platoon commanders exchange ideas on how to eliminate the FV Paratroopers from the objective.  Neither appear optimistic.  

Perhaps discretion IS the better part of valor.  The Hetzer rear view.

Not a great AFV, or even a good one.  A cheap one to be sure.  

On to the Meuse River!
     I am now working on a 10.5 cm artillery battery for the Bulge.  I have prepped and primed the crew but I am still (!) waiting on the special order guns.  I think someone had to refine the metal . . .   After that the 2nd LW BOTB VG Sturm platoon awaits!  This should give me close to 1200 points and with a little help from the Fuhrer Escort Brigade, will be enough.  Stay tuned.

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