Sunday, November 13, 2016

The 2nd LW BOTB PG platoon

The Late War Battle of the Bulge Panzergrenadiers from Battlefront are very nice sculpts.  Here is the 2nd Panzergrenadier platoon that I just finished.  The winter camouflage uniforms are actually relatively easy to paint and the snow flocking covers many sins.  With this one completed I have a Company HQ and two Panzergrenadier platoons, each with a panzerschrek team.  I am working on a HMG platoon as well, so this should give me an easy 1490 points if you include a 4 Panther platoon to attack Bastogne and those accursed Fearless Veteran US Paratroopers.

The platoon commander is my favorite stand.  
The panzerschrek team keeps the American tanks at bay.

Two MG stands take cover in the damaged houses near Bastogne.  Or is it St. Vith?  

Back to painting!

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