Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Panzer Attack at Bastogne (Part 2)

OK, on to the finishing conclusion!  As we last left the German attack, the Panthers and Panzer Mark IVs were trading shots with a LOT of American Shermans, who had just managed to hit and destroy a Mk IV.  This panzer platoon was not long for the table . . .

Massed American fire destroys two more Mark IVs.
Another view of the burning panzers.  That is what you get when you proxie panzers.  The last one is destroyed shortly thereafter removing this platoon from the fight.  
The higher level view.  The Panthers smoke another Sherman on the hill.
Meanwhile the American paratroopers on the hill south of Marvie dig in around an objective and watch the Tank Hunters move up.  
The American tanks get too close to the still pinned Panzergrenadiers and their panzerfausts.
Another Sherman bites the dust (well, snow).
Meanwhile the action shifts to the center of the table.  The heavy platoon moved up the hill to shoot at the entrenched paratroopers only to be annihilated in a hail of fire.  Another dumb move on my part.  The Panzer Mk IVs and Panzer Mk IV/70 (V)s move up the hill (less two bogged down vehicles) to attack.
The Mk IVs assault and manage to kill a couple of stands.
The Paratrooper engineers press their attack on the Mk IVs.

Close assaults finish off the Panzer Mk IV platoon.
The Panthers kill off some more Shermans causing both platoons to rout.  
Meanwhile, the Panzer Mk IV/70 (V)s manage to get up the hill and assault the Paratrooper engineers which they cause to rout.  A counterattack by a Paratrooper rifle platoon is slice to pieces by the Panzer Mk IV/70 (V)s and the Panzergrenadiers who had occupied houses in Marvie.  This causes the rifle platoon to fall back leaving the Germans in control of an enemy objective, winning the game.  
The thrill of victory!  The thrill of new units actually performing better than their commander!

A win is a win but we were pretty rusty.  Luckily the forces weren't too bizarre, and CV and FV troops cover up a lot of poor decisions.  The American tanks, though numerous, weren't numerous enough.  Oh yes, don't stay in range of panzerfausts.  Thanks again to the WWPD group that generated the campaign.  Next time . . .