Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dust Up Near Carenten - Part II

     As we last left our FT German attack the 17. SS Panzergrenadier Division had FINALLY gotten its attack going with 2 SS PG zugs and a StuG IV zug attacking the American center.  Unfortunately all of the American reinforcements had arrived and were close to the German schwerpunkt, whereas the German reinforcements were far from the scene of the action.  With the US artillery ranging in, it was time for the Germans to do some of that Blitzkrieg stuff and win the day. 

StuGs and Shermans trade fire and eventually end up killing each other off but little else. 

Paratroopers and panzergrenadiers trade fire along the hedgerows.

An SS AT zug moves up ever so slowly.  Who forgot the prime movers? 

How do you say "Defeat in Detail" in German?

More StuG fire against the Shermans. 

This is starting to look bad . . .

StuG IVs in the hedgerows.
The German attack is stalled again. 

Another StuG buys the farm while the panzergrenadiers are pinned by the American artillery fire. 

Meanwhile the German flank is about to get hit hard by a lot of FV paratroopers.

The company commander tries to encourage the StuGs to shoot straight, or at least roll 6s.

His motivation is not effective.
Paratroopers shoot at the exposed Germans.

Who needs Major Winters anyway? 

The HMG zug foolishly tries to move up and assist the wavering attack. 

StuGs and Shermans continue to exchange 75 mm shells.
The German flank is hit from the side.  Ugh. 

The lone survivor from the German right flank defends his hedgerow. 

A German counterattack fails to stop the Americans. 

American fire and a timely assault clears the SS on one flank.
American fire whittles down the other German flank to a StuG IV, the company commander and a zug commander.

US fire kills off most of the HMG zug which breaks and runs without causing any American casualties.

An American assault dispatches the lone zug commander.

The reinforcing PG zug tries to stem the tide . . .

. . . and fails. 

What can stop these guys? 

Ostruppen try to stop the Americans.  I don't think their hearts were in this . . .

The ostruppen like the cover of the hedgerows.  Their fire is kills a few stands but doesn't break the platoon.  Return fire from the paratroopers and artillery breaks them quickly.

American AT guns redeploy to attack the remaining StuG. 

The FV Americans fight on to the end!

Meanwhile the company commander and a StuG try to hold the center while the reeling PG zug tries to regroup. 

Another American assault is deadly. 
Dug in panzergrenadiers try to resist the paratrooper attack. 

They hold on but remain pinned. 

The lone StuG IV tries to make up for another hole in the line after the ostruppen are scattered.  With the loss of the company commander, the Germans have lost too many zugs and concede the field. 

Now what the heck did the mortars, HMGs and nebelwerfers do in this game?  Not much . . .

 The large table and restricted reinforcement zones allowed the Americans to mass their fires and reinforcements and prevent the Germans from getting anywhere.  Again, the lack of heavy artillery to pin and destroy the FV American Paratroopers was a big problem, though the over eager attack doomed whatever chance the Germans had.  Perhaps Herr Baron Von der Heydte shouldn't be denigrated so quickly . . .

An excellent Thanksgiving meal by Frau PanzerCDR takes away the agony of defeat and replaces it with the agony of an overextended stomach. 

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