Sunday, December 1, 2013

Commandos Strike at Dawn!

Well, not really.  I did finish another platoon though, so that is still pretty good.  This is a LW British Commando platoon done for the SWORD Beach scenario in the Battlefront D-Day book from a number of years ago.  The scenario calls for a platoon with a PIAT stand, a 2" mortar stand and two SMG stands so that is what I painted.  The latest Normandy books allows other options but never having used Fearless Veteran Commandos in my LW British forces, I couldn't have suggested a better combination.  In any event, I hope to throw them ashore later this month, as long as I can get my Breaching Group done.  With 4 Shermans (a platoon commander and three flails) to paint, this might be a near run thing. 

The new LE British Commando Platoon.  Thank God they don't have camouflage uniforms like some nasty force's do!

The Command Stand.

A PIAT team might be handy. 

The 2" mortar stand. 

The Rifle/MG stands with Bren LMGs.
The Rifle/MG teams from the aft quarter.

A SMG team. 

SMG team stern view.

Another view of the SMG team.

The other SMG team . . .

. . . and the LAST picture from the rear. 

Meanwhile, in a far off corner of France (simulated by a table in my basement), the somewhat less than elite Panzergrenadiers of the 17. SS Panzergrenadier Division are massing to take on the well tested FV 101st Airborne Paratroopers.  Stay tuned!

The ~1600 points of paratroopers and glider artillery set to defend Carenten.

The SS Panzergrenadier force with a healthy dose of Wehrmacht and Osttruppen support. 

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