Saturday, February 19, 2011

Templecon Game #1: The Charge of the Light Brigade

The first game I played at Templecon was an EW fight with a British Armored force (tanks only) against a dug in German infantry force with lots of antitank guns and a platoon of panzerjagers. Amazingly enough the Brits not only survived the experience but also won the game, due to brilliant tactical acumen on the British side, as well as exceptionally good dice throwing. After the game the game master stated that the one German AT platoon should have started the game in ambush (but didn't), which was a HUGE benefit to the Brits. The Brits probably would have lost if that had been the case.

This was my first EW game and it was a little odd that the best tanks had a frontal armor of "2" and that a firepower of 5+ was considered good. In any event the game master did a nice job with the forces and terrain and kept things going well. BZ!

A peaceful piece of French countryside, circa 1940.

Elements of a British Armored force are ordered to cross the green fields and rest in the trees ahead.

An EW British armored force has a LOT of tanks. No infantry though or other support, which made this force look pretty wimpy.

Tally ho men, let's get on with it!

The Hun is dug in with an infantry company supported by a 37 mm AT gun platoon, some 47 mm panzerjagers and two 88 mm guns mounted on halftracks. It doesn't look good for the Tommies.

British tanks rev up their engines and try not to break down on the first turn.
Another view in landscape . . .

and it's off to the races . . .

British tanks move up at the double staying out of range of the German guns. . .

. . . because once in range they don't last long! The British right flank gets hit hard by the halftracks with the 88s.

The left flank does little better though two German 37 mm guns are silenced in return.

British reserves move up to threaten the now exposed German center.

British tanks move through teddy bear fur on the way to smoke German positions.

German panzerjagers move up to support the threatened center.

When your 'best' tank has a frontal armor of "1" and a firepower of "5+" you know your force is pretty fragile. British Mk VIs attack the German center.

The German center under attack from all sides.

The standard condition of my tanks: burning or bailed out.

The Germans on their left flank show their Teutonic vigor and hold off the first attacks.

Unfortunately the center starts to collapse under the British onslaught. Cruiser tanks may be wimpy, but some have 5 MGs apiece and that can hurt.

Panzerjagers cannot stop the disintegrating center.

The remaining British tanks go in for the kill. Mostly their own . . .

Meanwhile the German left flank racks up kills, but can't get the last tanks to die.
Can the center hold? No. German forces flee back toward their objectives.

French houses make great cover for Huns on the run.

To no avail! The Germans fail their morale check after losing too many platoons and run away! On to Arras!

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