Saturday, February 19, 2011

FOW at Templecon

I went to Templecon two weeks ago which was a lot of fun. It is a small local convention that concentrates more on none historical miniatures (Warmachine was VERY big) but there were a number of Flames of War games that I played in. There was a FOW tournament as well but I just played an EW Brits vs German game and an Arnhem game. No great writeups but a few pictures to show the quality of the games.

One of the terrain sets for the tournament.

Teddy bear fur is a good way to make a game mat.

A recon platoon of Cromwells and a Challenger on the lookout for the Hun.

The city of Arnhem using a LOT of JR Miniatures apartment complexes and the bridge (of course!).

Another view of the Arnhem setup.

Another view of the bridge. Is it too far? Yes!

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