Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wehrmacht deploys new wonder weapons to throw Allied invaders back into the sea!

Herr Leutnant receives word of a new target by his platoon observer teams.

Eager German soldiers are happy to load the heavy bombs and send them into the Allied lines.

Forward observer teams take advantage of the dense cover in the bocage.

The full weight of a 120 mm mortar platoon is more powerful than a much more expensive Allied artillery battery.

Peter Pig German observers and NCOs take advantage of Battlefront bricks to hide behind.

A couple of years ago I got tired of waiting for Battlefront to put out a German 120mm mortar platoon and I went shopping. I bought a blister from Battlehonors but I thought those castings looked too small compared to the rest of the Battlefront figures I had, so I didn’t use these. Next I went to Peter Pig and bought a number of packets to make a LW German heavy mortar platoon. I think the figures look fine compared to the Battlefront ones, and I do like the style of the sculpting. I fact, I have used several Peter Pig figures in German halftracks and they look fine. This platoon is a complete Peter Pig unit, though based on FOW bases. In battles so far they haven’t accomplished much, but I am always optimistic. With Confident Trained units, you have to be.

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