Monday, September 22, 2008

Six pounders keep Jerry Panzers at Bay

I finally finished up the guns and crew of a LW British Anti-tank Gun Platoon. I got the "Tom Stanley" pack on eBay and did the guns and crew. There are only four guns instead of the full six per the late war table of organization and equipment, but they'll have to do for now. I am working on the Lloyd carriers as well, but have a long way to go on these. Bren gun carriers are bad enough, but these are even worse as there are large areas in the rear compartment that aren't easy to paint. As such, perhaps four guns are enough. I used the new GW black ink wash on the figures here. I think it is darker than the normal mix I have used, but it did do a nice job on the back straps. The helmets are a tad darker, but still in the range of alllowable results.

Battalion anti-tank guns keep an eye peeled for Jerry counterattacks. Monty promises a new thrust to gain the vital junction of Caen.

Battalion 6 pounders from the support company are more than enough to keep the Panzers at bay!

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