Sunday, December 8, 2019

100 Posts!

Looking for stray comments from yesterday's post, I realized I had just achieved the bell weather accomplishment of 100 posts!  Yea!  I have been posting battle and painting reports off and on (well, mostly off) since May 2010, with a sum total of 75,527 hits over the decade.  This is pretty much chump change, but since I am a numbers guy, I will revel in even small decimal dust results.  My greatest hit was the battle report on Part I of the Battle of Villers Bocage.  Most of my audience comes from the US, with the Russian Federation a distinct second, and the UK and Canada following that.  I find this somewhat odd, as the blog focuses more on NW Europe than the Eastern Front, but there you go.  Perhaps the Team Yankee material was the draw.  Anyway, I will celebrate today much more than yesterday, Pearl Harbor and all that.  Thanks again for watching and we'll see what the future holds.  Probably more white space than anything.

Monty sends his congratualtions!  Now back to the painting bench!

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