Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Forces Assemble . . . The Americans

While my painted up Soviet force is mostly compliant with the Red Thunder lists, the Americans are less so.  This is mostly because the force came from my son who purchased it from another person.  The first owner did a fantastic job on the vehicles and infantry (much better than my efforts) but the force doesn't quite meet the TO&E requirements of the Stripes book.  This might matter in tournaments, but not in the PanzerCDR fuhrer bunker!

The Americans can bring to the table the following units:

M1 Abrams Combat Team HQ (with 2 IPM1 tanks)                           18 pts.
M1 Abrams Tank platoon (with 3 IPM1 tanks)                                   27 pts.
M60A3 Tank platoon (with 4 tanks)                                                    16 pts.
M113 Mech Platoon                                                                              6 pts.
(with 4 M113s, 4 M249 stands and 3 Dragon teams)
M901 ITV platoon (with 2 M901s)                                                        3 pts.
M163 VADS AA platoon (with 2 M163s)                                              3 pts.
M109 Field Battery (with 3 M109s)                                                       7 pts.

That gives the Americans 80 points, so I may have to reduce their force by a platoon of tanks or probably the artillery battery.

A Khurasan (I think) M60A3 platoon.  In my teenage mindset, these are the real US tanks defending the Fulda Gap!

M1A1s are a lot tougher to handle.  I think these are modeled with the 120mm gun so they will have to be a proxy for the 105mm version.

 The M901 ITV and M163 VADS AA platoons.   

The full platoon with infantry and its mounts.  The M113s have various armament.  The Mechanized infantry has to ride something!

The platoon command stand calls in a fire mission.

A M249/M-16 stand advances to meet the invading Soviets.

Another view.  These are painted up very well.  

No guns across the Mainz River for the Americans.  A 3 gun battery will provide final protective fire for the defenders.

Fire for effect!

The Americans are well balanced.  Since neither side has any fixed or rotary wing assets (yet), AA units are not really necessary, no matter how good they look.  

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