Monday, December 11, 2017

NOT a Flames of War entry

Here ye, here ye.  A colleague of mine who has failed to see that the one true dimension is 15mm, has acquired a 54mm Stadden figure of, he believes, a British Lancer circa 1900.  He has a number of questions regarding this figure that I was not able to answer, so I am using this site to post a number of pictures of the casting, with the expectation that somewhere, in the internet of wargaming minds, someone will know the answer.  Specifically:

1.  Is the casting an enlisted man?  NCO?
2.  What colors should the trousers be?
3.  What insignia should this figure have, especially regarding any sleeve work?
4.  Any other websites or painting ideas for this figure?

Your enthusiasm and insight is much appreciated!

This should be easier to paint than pea dot camouflage on a 15mm miniature, but I could be wrong . . . 

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