Wednesday, December 30, 2015

4 Troop, B Squadron, 13/18 Hussars Report for Duty

     My painting table is currently inundated with Sherman tanks as I valiantly try to build up my LW British Sherman squadron.  I am using the 13/18 Hussars as my  "typical" unit as they landed at D-Day on Sword Beach, fought with the 6th Airborne and 3rd Infantry Division around Caen and later were with the 43 Infantry Division in Holland during Operation Market Garden.  All in all a pretty eventful time.  I have 3 Sherman DD tanks from Battlefront that I painted up to represent B troop of the 13/18th on D-Day.  The Battlefront model is a M4A1 Sherman while the 13/18th had Sherman IIIs (aka M4A2s) so it is not a 100% match but it is pretty close for 15mm forces.  I added the rear turret tool box as well to make it look a tad closer. The large numerical decals (always an eye catcher from my perspective) from Dom's Decals also helps. I think the ink was on the folding screen is a bit too dark (I used Manstein Shade from the new Battlefront German paint set) but I dry brushed a little more dirt/German Camo Beige over the top so it looks OK. At least well enough to attack the German defenses around Caen.

4 Troop, B Squadron, 13/18 Hussars hits the beach or at least the beach mat.

A side view of the model.  I hate painting Sherman side wheels!

Another view.  I hate the side wheels from any direction. 

An overhead view of 4 Troop. 

Different views of the tanks.  It is a nice model. 
The REAL DD-Tanks in action: "Men of No 4 Commando engaged in house to house fighting with the Germans at Riva Bella, near Ouistreham. Sherman DD tanks of 'B' Squadron, 13/18 Royal Hussars are providing fire support and cover. After subduing the opposition, No 4 Commando moved inland to link up with 6th Airborne Division.  Photo Credit: Laws, G (Sgt), Army Film and Photographic Unit - This is photograph MH 2012 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums  (collection no. 4904-04)."  From the Wikipedia article on the 13/18 Royal Hussars, (accessed 30 December 2015).
     OK, three Shermans done, 10 to go!  Back to painting!  


Themad Tinhatter said...

Very nice!

PanzerCDR said...

Thanks. I spent some time on your blog looking at your LW British. I intend to steal a bunch of your techniques after I finish up the 13/18 Hussars. It is always nice to see a person with a similar pile of lead and resin (mine is growing too fast!) and making an effort to paint it.

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Very smart gear. I was loathed to pay for actual DD tanks for a fairly short action so I made covers for ordinary Airfix Shermans. I admire your commitment and I'm looking forward to you blogging the assault. Good luck.

DD Hussar said...

Do you know tank numbers for all tanks in 4troop? My father landed in the lead tank with the ripped screen.He thinks he was in 55.

PanzerCDR said...

Service Ration Distributer - Thanks. You are right about the limited utility of a DD tank with the skirts. I am somewhat fixated on Sword Beach and the initial push inland though so I hope to have a few engagements with them. Plus the turret numbers are really cool!

PanzerCDR said...

DD Hussar - Thank your Dad for me for his service! That was some really courageous work that day. I do not know all the numbers for B Squadron; I am kind of guessing based on Internet searches. There is a lot more evidence for C Squadron which is my current work.

DD Hussar said...
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DD Hussar said...

Thanks for your comments. I'll keep looking.
We plan to visit the Regimental Museum in the Spring.
Congratulations, great models!