Sunday, October 25, 2015

79th Armoured Division Breaching Group

After a LONG time, I finally went back to the painting table and finished up my breeching group for the FOW Sword Beach scenario.  The group has a Command Sherman V, two Crabs, four AVREs and a bulldozer for good measure.  At least that's the full strength requirement from the Overlord book.  The Sword beach scenario has 3 Crabs and no command Sherman or bulldozer.  I split the difference and did them all.  After a LONG time without painting they turned out well enough though I think the ink wash was was a tad dark.  Still, painting is a good thing.  The tanks have the insignia of the 22nd Dragoons which was on the first wave at Sword on D-Day.  The bulldozer has markings from an armoured bulldozer squadron in the 79th. 


And of course I needed to upgrade the beach defenses so I painted an R-35 turret emplacement and a Kwk 5 cm bunker.  Not the greatest, but acceptable.  The battlefront beach matt is very nice. 

All for now.  Next up setting up the beach for the valiant Tommies of the 3rd Infantry Division to assault with the help of the 79th Armoured Division and the always energetic 13/18th Hussars.  

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