Sunday, July 28, 2013

The LAST SS Panzergrenadier Platoon!

Or should I say "zug"?  In either case, the unit is finished which means I can put the following force of FT troops from 17. SS Panzergrenadier Division on the field to threaten Carenten:

Co commander, 2iC and 2 panzerschrek teams
3 SS Panzergrenadier Platoons
SS Heavy Platoon with 2 MG sections and a mortar section
Light SS Anti-tank Platoon with 3 7.5 cm pak 40 guns
SS Panzer Platoon with 4 StuG IVs (these are FV)

Throw in a Heer nebelwerfer section and some Osttruppen Grenadiers and I can send 1500+ points against Easy Company of the 101st. 

I think I will do a couple of 81 mm mortar stands to allow me to field an SS Mortar Platoon with 4 tubes and give me another platoon to filed.  The SS nebelwerfers are next, though I need to do a couple of conversions from the SS artillery pack to make it look the way I want.   Either way, herr Hauptstrumfuher will approve. 

The LAST SS PG Platoon!  Actually, I have a couple others I could do, but this is it for now.

MG 42 in the bocage will discourage most Allied attacks.  When in doubt, heavily flock your stands.  It hides many errors and adds a lot to the look of your units.  Especially from 3 feet away!

A MG stand peeks through a gap in the bocage. 

A panzerfaust SMG team can be substituted for one MG stand.  I typically don't do this, but each of the platoons has this for an option. 
MG teams move up under fire.  Pea dot camouflage is not hard, merely tedious. 

Pea dot camouflage from the rear.  The standard German infantryman has many things to carry that obliterate all semblance of camouflage. 

Panzerfaust SMG stand from the rear. 

Just a standard MG stand. 

Another view of a prone MG stand.  My painting has come a LONG way from the first Afrika Korps infantry done almost a decade ago. 

A last view of a prone MG 42 MG stand. 

"On to Carenten!  Where is Hauptman Von der Heydte?"

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