Sunday, August 5, 2012

SS Antitank Gun Platoon joins the front lines . . .

     I finished painting a LW SS 75mm Pak 40 Antitank Gun Platoon using the painting guide from the old "Cobra" FOW supplement.  The colors worked out pretty well, and I did one gun crew apiece in pea dot, summer splinter and autumn splinter camouflage schemes.  I tried to camouflage the guns in the standard LW German scheme, but it doesn't look that good.  Plus, I overdid the inkwash, so the guns look much darker than the crews.  On the other hand, it looks well enough at three feet, and any unit finished is a good thing.  Back to the innumerable road wheels on the StuG IVs. 

The full zug minus transport.  It IS LW after all.

Crew with summer Oak Leaf Pattern.

These guys got the Autumn consignment.

Pea dot for this crew. 

The guns are pretty dark.  Luckily the various flocking on the base makes up for a lot of painting sins.

     I like the way the SS castings are turning out.  My next platoon will be the heavy zug with 4 heavy MGs and two 81mm mortars.  I will avoid the inkwash.  

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