Tuesday, August 2, 2011

French Real Estate reports more new housing at Villers Bocage

As I have noted before, there is nothing like a major convention to motivate me to paint. As such, in between Infantry Aces games I have put some effort into my vast assemblage of French houses for the upcoming Villers Bocage scenario. Here are three completed ones from Najewitz Modellbau (http://www.lasermodellbau.de). They are coming out nicely, though the sheer number of shutters per house is daunting at times. Here are the first three completed (only four more to go!).

The scale is pretty good and the roofs come off, but there aren't any additional floors in the model. I added a top floor that can house two medium size FOW bases.

Here is the top view of a row house with the roof removed and a standard medium base.

You can fit two medium bases in the top floor with a bit of an overlap. Nothing too tight, but that is about the maximum that will fit.

Here is the same view with a medium and small base. There is a lot more room here. I paint the inner walls white to make the infantry bases stand out more.

You can also put bases on the floor, but they are difficult to see. For the Villers Bocage scenario, I will put these row houses in areas where I think there will less house to house fighting. I will have to play test the scenario a few times to figure out where this might be.

I still have four more to paint on the workbench, but I am making progress. Really!

Here they are with the roofs on and a disabled Tiger in the foreground. I will use this as one of the objectives.

Herr Wittman wants to know when these are all going to be finished, eh? Sooner is much better!

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