Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wittman's Less Than Wild Ride (no. 2)

Having seen his almost beloved halftracks explode into molten resin in less than six turns, my son wanted his own chance to recreate history as the Germans. By this time we had figured out the true use of the halftracks is to absorb hits so the infantry stands don't have to. This was not a good thing for the British to learn.

Herr Oberststurmfuhrer strikes again and the 4th CLY takes it! Again. Sigh . . .

Wittman attacks the 1st Motor Platoon which is made of sterner stuff this game. It will take six turns to eliminate this platoon, as the Tiger and Tommies trade PIAT and 88 fire.

An assault on the 1st Platoon fails to break their resolve to fight to the bitter end. German rolls were really horrible for the second strait game. I smirked a lot.

The PIAT gunner team well deserves to be mentioned in the dispatches for his refusal to give it up. He hits Wittman's Tiger a number of times, never penetrating but buying precious time for the rest of the British to finish their tea and mount up.

The 1st Motor Platoon counterattacks in an assault. The PIAT gunner wins a Military Cross (posthumous I am afraid . . . ).

Herr Oberststurmfuhrer is perplexed what went wrong as he moves past a burning British halftrack. Hopefully the other panzers at Point 213 are a little luckier . . .

Wittman finally finishes off the 1st Motor Platoon but the British run out the clock and survive for a full ten turns, only losing two platoons along the way.

This is a good scenario, and while it is tilted towards the Germans, it is not impossible for the plucky Brits to win. The Germans need to be a little lucky and make the British infantry the main target of their attacks.

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