Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operational Pause

After a VERY long time, new reinforcements, straight off the painting table have been detected moving toward the front.

On the British side, transport for the battalion antitank gun platoon, in the form of Lloyd carriers, are finally available to keep the douty six pounders up with poor bloody infantry.

The pioneer platoon also got its truck, although the jeeps seem to be lost on some transport stuck in Portsmouth.

To add a little punch, the battalion mortar platoon is also available. The gunners are complaining that their transport is also missing, but the battalion commander said to stop whining.

Elements of the 7th Armored, the famed "Desert Rats" have also made their appearance near the front, and just in time, as the bloody Jerry Panzers are showing up in force. Photo recon in the RAF sighted these moving north towards the front from either the 21st Panzer Division or the Panzer Lehr Division. As usual, the intelligence chaps are never quite sure . . .

There are also reports that elements of the 1 SS Panzer Corps are heading to the front, including some of the fabled Tiger Tanks. The Jerry panzers are bad enough without having Fearless Veterans crews and some fanatical SS Panzergrenadiers in support.

It is a good thing that our gunners are eager and raring to go at the Hun! They may be tough to handle, but we have a lot more ammunition than they have troops.

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